As we know, fights are bad news.  They can lead to being fired if nothing else.  But what happens when a fight breaks out and then someone “ups the ante” and pulls a knife or gun?

Fistfights are part of the calling of a seaman.  However, the use of a dangerous weapon, like the knife, is much different.  The use of a deadly weapon makes the vessel unseaworthy.  Pashby v. Universal Dredging Corp, 608 F.2d 1312, 1313-14 (9th Cir. 1979); Claborn v. Star Fish & Oyster Co., 578 F.2d 983, 986 (5th Cir. 1978)(finding the attack with a deadly weapon established unseaworthiness as a matter of law).

This reasoning is followed in Washington State Court, too:

This [absolute] warranty of seaworthiness may be breached if a shipowner employs a seaman with a violent disposition.  Boudoin v. Likes Bros. S.S. Co., [348 U.S. 336, 339, 75 S.Ct. 382, 99 L.Ed. 354, amended, 350 U.S. 811, 76 S.Ct. 38, 100 L.Ed. 727 (1955)].  A seaman’s conduct is not measured by the same standard as the conduct of ordinary men ashore.  Instead, a seaman must be “equal in disposition and seamanship to the ordinary men in the calling.”  Kirsh v. United States, 450 F.2d 326, 327 (9th Cir. 1971)(quoting Stechcon v. United States, 439 F.2d 792, 793 (9th Cir. 1971)).  Proof of a seaman’s violent disposition may be established by either an assault with a deadly weapon or ….

Snow v. Whitney Fidalgo Seafoods, Inc., 38 Wn.App. 220, 233, 686 P.2d 1090, 1092-93 (Div. 1, 1984) pet. for review denied103 Wn.2d 1007 (1984) (emphasis added).

So, if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a fight what working as a seaman and one party uses a deadly weapon, you may have a claim for damages under the warranty of seaworthiness.

    If you think you may have a claim, CONTACT A LAWYER TO DISCUSS WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU.

    Keep in mind all claims have a statute of limitations; that is, a certain amount of time within which the claim must be brought to the proper tribunal or else it is forever barred.  If you think you may have a claim consult with a lawyer about your claim immediately.  Do not delay.

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